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Pairing Suggestions

Here's some of our favorite pairings of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars.

Butter Olive Oil Conversion

These conversions can be used when baking, sauteing, frying and more!

Health Benefits

Could something in your kitchen help you lose weight, prevent cancer and be healthier?

Our New Petite 100ml Bottle & Host Your Own 'Palette' Party!

Call or email for more info. We continue to strive to bring you the freshest of the best!

Fake Olive Oil - What You Need To Know

By supporting boutique producers,like Vines & Branches,you can send the message that you care about the quality of our food and help to make food fraud less profitable.It’s a sad testament to the quality of our food supply when a natural product with a 5,000 year history has been tainted for profit.

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All Natural Olive Oils ~ Balsamic Vinegars

Since 2012, Vines & Branches has been a beloved source for gourmet olive oils and vinegars in Greenport Village. We boast an expertly curated collection of flavored olive oil and balsamic vinegars sourced from all over the world. Unlike balsamic vinegar and olive oil you might buy in your grocery store, all of our products are 100% all natural and fresh for the richest flavors available. In addition to our retail shops, we are pleased to offer you our olive oils, balsamic gourmet vinegars & specialty foods online for purchase.

Specialty Products & Gifts

In addition to our well-known olive oils and vinegars, Vines & Branches also offers a wide collection of specialty items such as our line of herbs, sea salts and seasonings as well as gourmet mustards, tapenades, soups, salsas and dips. All of these items, as well as our unique gift sets, handmade olive wood items and holistic olive oil-based skin care products make a perfect gift for any occasion! Stop in and sample many of our specialty foods, fresh olive oils, decadent balsamic vinegars and have a palette party!