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Natural Olive Oil Soap for Your Skin

We all know that olive oil is a great option for a heart-healthy dressing, but its benefits are just as plentiful for the outside of your body as the inside. People have been taking advantage of the skin-softening benefits of olive oil since ancient times. Now, Vines and Branches is pleased to present our collection of handcrafted soaps with moisturizing olive, palm and coconut oils. Available in soothing scents like lemongrass, lavender and pomegranate, you will love the spa feeling and rich lather that these soaps give you right at home. Pure olive oil soap is also hypoallergenic, so you are less likely to experience a reaction if you have sensitive skin.

Olive Oil Skincare

Our collection of olive oil-based skincare does not stop at soaps. We partner with 80 Acres to bring you their well-known 80 Acres lotions, body balms and body oils. Treat your body with these items that will clean your skin without leaving the surface dry and flaky, unlike many commercial products.