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Premium Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We carry the finest quality extra virgin olive oil from Spain, Italy, Greece and the Southern Hemisphere. Vines & Branches works closely with certified distributors to find the best imported extra virgin olive oil, allowing you to savor the flavor of the Mediterranean without leaving your home.

First Cold Pressed Olive Oil

When shopping for olive oil online, it can be hard to differentiate between all of the options available. Authentic extra virgin olive oil is produced by a process called “first cold pressed,” meaning that the olives are pressed on the first round of extraction. Also, no heat or chemical additives were used to extract juice from the olives, which could potentially destroy the natural flavors and aromas of the olive. When you give olive oil gifts, inspect the label carefully to ensure maximum quality and flavor.

Buy Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

After prolonged exposure to harsh lights in a grocery store, even the most expensive olive oil is at danger of losing its color, flavor and aroma. When you buy olive oil online from Vines and Branches, you can rest assured that not one step in the quality process has been overlooked.

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